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“ TRANSMOGRAPHIC “ WORKS—Paintings & Drawings

My paintings and drawings illustrate a way of seeing, conceptualizing and recording the ineffable play of time, light/shadow, dreams, memories and impressions.

The creation of these pieces entails an interfusing of multiple layers of ideas and images, colors, forms, linear elements, light and shading, while combining with varying points of spatial reference to produce graphically rendered ideas organized in a unified pictorial field. For me, the visual, visceral and cognitive experience engendered by the work is that of an ever blossoming, ever expanding sense of “interiority” akin to that of dreaming.

While I may refer to these images as “portraits” and “scapes”, they are in fact, far more than what these terms imply. This is particularly noteworthy with respect to the portraits, wherein, despite all conscious intentions to render an objectively precise reproduction of the photographic source, the unconscious and inexplicable emerges and overtakes the primary image. Consequently, the familiar and the unnamable co-exist beside, within, around and throughout that which is immediately discernable.

And so it is with the scapes in which there is an overlapping of visionary scenes and lucent planes, which simultaneously encompass macrocosmic and microcosmic events, strange entities, time warps and the presences by which they are inhabited.

In the end, these works are about the magic, mystery and the enchantment of seeing from the vantage point of irreducible being.

Warren C. Lyons

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Human suffering seems to run along a variety of continuums. There is pain which we endure that transforms us, still other things leave us deformed.

There is suffering so mysterious and interwoven with our existence that we give up identifying the sensation as painful. There is sorrow that we feel could have been prevented, and injury which makes us feel so powerless that we endure it in secret and silence. There are times when our silence seems to help us, other times we are undone by the selfsame silence, becoming invisible to others and ourselves.

To see clearly what we endure in silence, it is necessary to recount what we inflict in secret. If it is done honestly, and conscientiously, the astonishing invisible appears. From that place the individual comes forth, recounting for all others what it was like to be human at that time and moment. With that accomplishment we reclaim some of what we have lost, and take back some of what has been taken from us.

Michael Steven Doller

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Joseph L. Sessum(non-registered)
Knowing you since college, I ve had the privilege to watch the evolution of your work. Always emotional, profound and thought provoking. asa Life long martial artist, i can testify to the evolutionary process. It is not an easyone. It often leaves one in a lonely space trying to discern on his or her own the correct path. the growth process is never endling. Blessings my friend! Your work is astounding!
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Dr. Michael M. Sinclair(non-registered)
I continue to admire your work. As your student intern back at Geller House I was introduced to your brilliance. I have been touched moved and inspired by your gifts that you share with the world. I keep the Fredrick Douglass portrait you gave me upon graduation on my office desk and have adopted his words " it is far easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" as my mantra. It is because of your words that I challenge myself and my students to push themselves further , dream bigger and create hope within fragile families. I am forever indebted to you.
Fabian Burrell(non-registered)
Your work is astonishing! I am captivated by the sounds coming from each piece. You have an unusual eye and gift. Bless it.
Thank you.
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