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James Baldwin - The Evidence Of Things Not SeenHehaka Sapa [Black Elk]El Haaj Malik El-ShabazzMalcolm Little - The PromiseHarriet Tubman - MosesFredrick DouglassAbraham LincolnJohn Coltrane - The Wise OneRev. Martin Luther King Jr.Nesta Robert Marley - I Just Wanted to Play For the Love of the PeopleFranz Kafka - The Hunger ArtistBillie Holiday - The Last SongBillie Holiday - A Luminous Tragedy - Title by Joseph Allen MilnerPaul RobesonPaul Robeson - The Great ForerunnerMartin Luther King - The Sun DoorJames BaldwinGeorge Washington Carver - The Man Who Talked with FlowersPaul Robeson - TotemJohn William Coltrane