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19.Dr. Michael M. Sinclair(non-registered)
I continue to admire your work. As your student intern back at Geller House I was introduced to your brilliance. I have been touched moved and inspired by your gifts that you share with the world. I keep the Fredrick Douglass portrait you gave me upon graduation on my office desk and have adopted his words " it is far easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" as my mantra. It is because of your words that I challenge myself and my students to push themselves further , dream bigger and create hope within fragile families. I am forever indebted to you.
18.Fabian Burrell(non-registered)
Your work is astonishing! I am captivated by the sounds coming from each piece. You have an unusual eye and gift. Bless it.
Thank you.
17.Joe Vaux(non-registered)
Beautiful work!
16.Dee Natures(non-registered)
I look forward to your future stuff.
15.jacqueline and bill parrott(non-registered)
Such amazing work, Warren. So glad we're back in touch.
14.Don Steinman(non-registered)
Met you up at the Wagner Gallery... Superb
13.Marc Sacerdote(non-registered)
Hello Warren,
I'm an old friend of your sister, Yocheved, who gave me the link to your wonderful website. Your work is astounding in its reach, complexity, polish and complete originality. I am blown away.

12.Philip Hamburg(non-registered)
Warren, You are profoundly gifted. Thank you for sharing your creations, your heart and soul. I am honored to know you, my brother. Love and Peace. P
11.Yocheved Bat-Imedt(non-registered)
What an Extraordinary Body of Work!!!!! I have put WCLEO ART's link on FaceBook to be exposed to my nearly 5000 friends. I am proud of you and the art you have produced.

UnEnding Blessings of Success and Prosperity..........

Your Eldest Sister
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